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Customer Services Announcement. ( 2017-06-23)
Hello Everyone,

Just a quick note to ask anyone ringing up for Customer Services to note that there is an issue with our new phone system. It is recording messages but not allowing us to access them.

Until this issue is sorted please don't leave a message and if we can't answer then please ring back a bit later.

Remember we only do customer services via the phone on 02921328434. We don't offer any other Customer Services as we don't monitor our online Forums.

All the best, Kristian
Vote Labour ( 2017-06-08)

The Tories are about to sell off to private investors all NHS assets property and land. It's called the Naylor Report. Look it up its real and during an interview with Andrew Marr she admitted they were going to enact it in full.
For that reason alone please do not vote for her.
Vote for hope rather than fear. We can aspire to greatness but every vote not cast will only strengthen Theresa May and the Tories. Fight back and tell the establishment you have had enough. If nothing else Labour are better with the economy than any of the others which should mean cheaper comics.
Customer Information Notice! ( 2017-03-07)
Hello guys and gals,

Just a quick note to inform you that we have had teething troubles with our new Telephone system. Its been directing people to an answering machine within the new unit but we have been unable to work out how to access it. The system requires online access which we haven't so far gotten to work.

If ringing the shop to enquire about any orders please don't leave a message. Simply hang up and try again a short time later. Sorry for any inconvenience. Its like that scene from 2001 involving the monkeys with me at the shop at the moment. LOL.

All the best, Kristian Barry
Back From Annual Leave. Websale processing resumes today. ( 2017-01-09)
Hello everyone,

Just a few words to thank everyone for their patience while I've been on Annual Leave. The plan had been to pop in during my break and process the odd websale as they happened but as is so often the case I became so ill that until the 7th I had only left the house once. Back up to strength now and will begin the process of finding any extant Websales starting today once I've finished off the pile of paperwork and processed the sales.

Please ring me on 02921328434 at the shop as we only do customer services via telephone. The email address is no longer monitoried.

All the best, Kristian Barry
Christmas Deliveries. ( 2016-12-21)
This morning I was able to send off the vast bulk of our outstanding Web Sales. People should start receiving them by tomorrow so hopefully be with them for Christmas.

There are 8 outstanding websales but are taking longer to complete than initially hoped. I hope to complete a few more today for post tomorrow but some of the others will have to wait until after Christmas.

I begin my annual leave on the 25th December and should be back by 9th January. Although the shop will be manned they won't be qualified for customer services so if people have any outstanding issues they will have to contact me by phone on 02921328434 from the 9th.

I want to Wish everyone a very Happy And Merry Christmas. I genuinely hope that next year is better than this one.

All the best, Kristian Barry.
Good News Everybody... ( 2016-11-01)
Well this is just an addendum to our recent computer troubles. We officially we able to fix them this morning after the return of our now fully working shop PC. We failed to upgrade the old Windows XP machine so that it was capable of being used although we may still make it a backup machine once we've added extra ram.

As you may know our PC runs all aspects of our business whether its point of sale or the website so when it went down we weren't even capable of stock control which has lead to a delay in us getting in our deliveries. This however is about to come to an end. Deliveries should resume for Thursday morning.

As for the backlog that has built up in terms of websales I just want to apologise. Its been a hell of a fortnight and I will be working as hard and as fast as I can to get your orders processed found and posted over the next week.

All the best, Kristian Barry.

P.S. Please remember to ring the shop with any customer services queries as we don't do any customer services via our online forums or by email. 02921328434. We can give you an update on your order then.
Urgent Customer Notification! ( 2016-10-21)

Early Wednesday morning our main PC suffered a catastrophic failure which caused us to be shut the whole of Wednesday with yesterday being mostly trying to get an extremely old Windows XP Computer with an early version of our Point Of Sale programme to run. I have managed to now get it to work and access the internet however it has neccessitated a delay in getting an order in from Diamond for this week. Whatever took down our PC also rendered our Wireless Modem unuseable so its been a fun few days. Anyone with any outstanding web orders I would ask a bit of patience as we still haven't been able to gain access to our payment gateway yet as its internet protocols are not compatible at this moment with the PC I am using. I'll keep you guys and gals updated while I sort this out. Anyone wanting to check on an order please do by ringing the shop during working hours. between 10.30am and 6pm on 02921328434. Luke if you read this message I left my phone at a friends and they aren't back from their holidays for at least another 10 days and I could use your computer expertise. Anyone wondering why they can't get hold of me via my mobile is on notice for the same things. You can only contact me directly at the shop.
Birthday Sale at Comic Guru! Now until stocks last. ( 2016-10-18)
Anyone buying anything at all from Comic Guru will qualify. For every 50.00 spent you will get to choose a free DVD from a selection of hundreds. The mean average for value for the DVD's is 20.00 and includes Box Sets and many rare or impossible to find DVD's.

Its first come first served and the offer will continue while stocks last.
You Are Cordially Invited To The 13th Comic Guru Annual Birthday Bash! ( 2016-10-03)
As we do every year we are inviting our members and their partners, wives, significant others and friends to our Birthday Party on the 8th October 2016. It will begin around 7.30pm and run through until 4am approx the next day for those with the stamina.

There will be food and drink on offer. The shop will be celebrating its 13th year in operation and I will be celebrating my 45th Birthday on this planet. Also as a way of celebrating our birthday and any birthdays of members we miss during the year we are offering huge one off discounts on the night for those wishing to celebrate and treat themselves.

Discounts on offer will include:

Anyone spending 300.00 will be given a credit to be used on the night for an extra 200.00 off whatever they choose.

Anyone Spending 200.00 will be given 25% off their bill when they come to total up at the counter on the night. I will include any customer who chooses to empty their box on the night as well.

Anyone spending 50.00 or more on the night will get to choose from a large array of DVDs and get a free DVD of their choice. There are even TV Box Sets included so first come first served on those ones.

Although we will be providing alcohol, non alcoholic drinks and food on the night if anyone wants to bring a bottle to help add to the festivities then they are more than welcome. I am sure knowing you guys that there will be many complaining about the lack of lager or beer. LOL. You have been warned in advance.

Our Birthday Sale will start the following Monday where we will be offering free DVDs for every 50 pounds spent on comics within the shop. Members will have the option of getting the best stuff first.

I want to thank those loyal customers and friends who have made another year of Comic Guru possible. Thank you.

Kristian Barry

We currently have the highest amount of stock not picked up by Standing Order customers in Comic Gurus 13 year history. Without credit myself I can no longer afford to sustain that level of loss regarding lapsed customers. Anyone who does not contact us by Monday 10th October 2016 (to arrange the clearance and payment for what remains of their standing order) will have their account summarily suspended and a final value fee created for all the value of their box. This fee along with any and all personal details held on file will be handed over to a Debt Collection Agency and the people in question will have their details handed over to Experian and Equifax to be placed onto their credit file. This will lead to increased costs and a loss of credit rating. I urge those who are ignoring the issue to think again and begin the process of amicably paying off the money owed to Comic Guru or I will have no choice but to go down this route. I genuinely hope it doesn't come to this. Whether we are friends or not I must take the correct actions in order to maintain my business. I apologise if this causes offence.
Happy Cardiff Pride! ( 2016-08-13)
For those taking part in Cardiff Pride why not pop by and check out our Class Comics selection of Gay/Bi Erotica comics.

Just check out the Class Comics section of the website for descriptions and covers. Not for under 18s however.
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