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Big Finish

Doctor Who Drama CD'sFourth Doctor Adventures 6.The Eternal Battle (4th Doctor) CD£10.99
Doctor Who Drama CD'sFourth Doctor Adventures 6.3 The Silent Scream (4th Doctor) CD£10.99
Doctor Who Drama CD's222 The Contingency Club CD£14.99
Doctor Who Drama CD's223 Zaltys CD£14.99
H G Wells Invisible Man Full Cast Audio CD Drama Starring John Hurt1£14.99
Pathfinder Legends Curse Of The Crimson Throne CD Audio Dramas3.1 Edge Of Anarchy CD£14.99
Pathfinder Legends Curse Of The Crimson Throne CD Audio Dramas3.3 Escape From Old Korvosa CD£14.99
Torchwood Series 2 CD Drama SeriesTorchwood Before The Fall CD Box Set£25.00

Dark Horse

Angel Season 115£2.99
Avatar The Last AirbenderNorth South Part 2£9.99
Buffy Season 117£2.99
Chronicles of Conan tpb19 Tpb£15.99
Chronicles of Conan tpb23 Tpb£16.99
Chronicles of Conan tpb24 Tpb£16.99
Chronicles of Conan tpb29 Tpb£17.99
Chronicles of Conan tpb31 Tpb£17.99
Chronicles of Conan tpb32 Tpb£17.99
Chronicles of Conan tpb33 Tpb£17.99
RebelsRebels These Free And Independent States 1£2.99
RebelsRebels These Free And Independent States 3£2.99
Shaolin Cowboy Who'll Stop The Reign2£2.99


Action Comics980£2.30
Batman 12Cent Adventure1£.50
Batman Beyond4£2.30
Batman Beyond8£2.30
Batman The Shadow2£2.99
Batman The Shadow2 Burnham Variant£14.99
Batman The Shadow2 Sale Variant£14.99
Blue Beetle9£2.30
Detective Comics954£2.30
Detective Comics957£2.30
Detective Comics957 Variant£14.99
Fall and Rise of Captain Atom2£2.30
Fall and Rise of Captain Atom3£2.30
Green Arrow16£2.30
Hal Jordan And The Green Lantern Corp21£2.30
Injustice Ground Zero12£2.30
Justice League Of America7£2.30
Kamandi Challenge5£2.99
Mass Effect Discovery1£2.99
Mass Effect Discovery1 Niemczyk Variant£19.99
Mother Panic (Young Animal)7£2.99
Scooby Doo Team Up26£2.30
Suicide Squad18£2.30
The Flash20£2.30
Wonder Woman23£2.30
Wonder Woman23 Variant Edition£9.99

Eaglemoss Publications

Doctor Who Figurine Magazine Collection5 Silurian Warrior£6.99
Doctor Who Figurine Magazine Collection14 Hedgewick Cyberman£6.99
Doctor Who Figurine Magazine Collection98 Cyber Controller£8.99
Doctor Who Figurine Magazine Collection96 The Veil£8.99
Marvel Fact FilesSpecial 25 Amazing Spiderman£18.99
Marvel Fact FilesSpecial 26 Mighty Thor Jane Foster£18.99
Star Trek Ships Magazine Figurine CollectionM2 Special Mirror Universe NX 01 ISS Enterprise£10.99

IDW Publishing

G.I.Joe A Real American Hero!240£2.99
Highlander The American Dream4£2.99
My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic54£2.99
Optimus Prime7£2.99
Saucer State1£4.50
Star Trek Boldly Go8£2.99
Strawberry ShortcakeStrawberry Shortcake Funko Universe£4.50


Deadly Class28£2.99
East Of West33£2.99
Rat Queens3£2.99
The Old Guard4£2.99


All New Guardians of the Galaxy2£2.99
Ben Reilly Scarlet Spider2£2.99
Black Panther12£2.99
Black Panther10£2.99
Black Panther14£2.99
Captain America Steve Rogers17£2.99
DeadpoolDeadpool Worlds Greatest Tp Volume 7£14.99
Doctor Strange Sorcerers Supreme8£2.99
Guardians of the Galaxy Mother Entropy4£2.99
I Am Groot1£2.99
Infamous Iron Man8£2.99
Jean Grey2£2.99
Moon Girl And Devil Dinosaur19£2.99
Mosaic (Marvel)8£2.99
Secret Warriors2£2.99
StarlordStarlord Annual 1 (2017)£4.50
Venom150 or 7 depending on your point of view£5.99
X Men Emperor Vulcan1£2.30
X Men Emperor Vulcan2£2.30
X Men Emperor Vulcan3£2.30
X Men Emperor Vulcan4£2.30
X Men Emperor Vulcan5£2.30
X Men Fairy Tales3£3.99
X Men Fairy Tales2£3.99
X Men First Class Finals1£5.00
X Men Pixie Strikes Back1£2.85
X Men Schism2£2.85
X Men Schism3£2.85
X Men Schism5£2.85

Nostalgia Ventures

The Shadow Double NovelsVolume 110£13.99
The Shadow Double NovelsVolume 111£13.99
The Shadow Double NovelsVolume 112£13.99

Panini Comics

Doctor Who Magazine SpecialsDoctor Who Bookazine The Essential Guide 10 Robots£9.99
Doctor Who Magazine Specials46 Toys And Games Special£5.99

Press Gang

Sun Bakery3£4.50

Two Morrows Publishing

Alter Ego144£8.99


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