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Ablaze Media

Cimmerian Hour Of The Dragon (Conan)4 Cover A£2.99
Cimmerian Hour Of The Dragon (Conan)4 Cover B£2.99

Avatar Press

Crossed Family Values1 Wraparound Cover£2.99
Crossed Family Values2 Wraparound Cover£2.99
Crossed Family Values3 Wraparound Cover£2.99
Crossed Family Values4 Wraparound Cover£2.99
Crossed Family Values5 Wraparound Cover£2.99
Crossed Family Values6 Wraparound Cover£2.99
Crossed Family Values7 Wraparound Cover£2.99
Crossed Psychopath1 Chase Wrap Variant£4.99
Crossed Psychopath1 C2E2 Wrap Variant£4.99
Crossed Psychopath2 Philadelphia Wrap Variant£4.99
Crossed Psychopath4 Fan Expo Wrap Variant£4.99
Crossed Psychopath5 Shark Attack Wraparound Cover£4.99


All New Firefly5£4.50
Angel (Buffy Boom)6 Cover A£4.50

Dark Horse

Harrow CountyTales From Harrow County Lost Ones 2£2.99


Aquaman And Flash Voidsong1£5.99
Batgirls7 Cardstock£4.50
Batman Knight6 Cardstock£5.99
Batman Superman Worlds Finest4 Cardstock£4.50
Batman Urban Legends16 Chew Variant£8.99
Black Adam1 Cover B£4.50
Catwoman44 Cardstock Cover£4.50
Dark Crisis Young Justice1 Cover A£2.99
DC Pride Tim Drake Special1 Cover A£6.99
Earth Prime6 Cover B£5.99
Fables152 Cardstock£4.50
Future State Gotham14 Cardstock Variant£4.50
I Am Batman10 Cover B Clarke Wrap Cardstock£4.50
Jurassic (Justice) League2 Cardstock B£4.50
Neil Gaimans Norse Mythology III5 Cover A£2.99
Neil Gaimans Norse Mythology III5 Cover B Mack£2.99
Nightwing93 Cover C Pride Cardstock£4.50
Scooby Doo Where Are You?116£2.99
Superman Son Of Kal El12 Cover B Cardstock£4.50
The Flash783 Cardstock£4.50
The Sandman Universe Nightmare Country3£4.50
Wonder Woman788 Cover B Cardstock£4.99

Dynamite Entertainment

Blade Runner Origins12£2.99
Elvira Mistress Of The DarkElvira In Horrorland 2£2.99
Immortal Red Sonja3£2.99
John Carter Of Mars3£2.99
Samurai Sonja1£2.99
Sheena Queen Of The Jungle7£2.99

IDW Publishing

Bill And Ted Roll Dice1£4.50
G I Joe Saturday Morning Adventures4 Cover B£2.99
My Little Pony2 Cover A£2.99
Transformers Beast Wars17 Cover A£2.99
Usagi Yojimbo Lone Goat And Kid6£2.99


Gunslinger Spawn9 Cardstock£2.30
King Spawn11£2.30
SkyboundSkybound Presents Afterschool 1£4.50
Street FighterStreet Fighter 2022 Swimsuit Special 1£4.50


MADMagazine 26£5.99


Amazing Spiderman4£2.99
Ben Reilly Spiderman5£2.99
Captain America Sentinel Of Liberty1£4.50
Captain America Sentinel Of Liberty1 Young Variant£14.50
Fantastic Four44£4.50
Hulkling And Wiccan1£4.99
Hulkling And Wiccan1 Vecchio Variant£14.99
Immortal X Men3£2.99
Iron Fist4£2.99
Iron Man20£2.99
Knights Of X3£2.99
Marvel Premiere14£20.00
Marvels Voices Pride1£9.99
Marvels Voices Pride1 Bartel Variant£19.99
Miles Morales Moon Girl1£4.50
Miles Morales Spiderman39£2.99
Moon Knight12£2.99
Moon Knight Black White And Blood2£4.50
New Fantastic Four1£4.50
New Fantastic Four Marvel Tales1£8.99
New Mutants26£2.99
Punisher War Journal Blitz1£4.50
Savage Spiderman4£2.99
Silver SurferSilver Surfer Rebirth 5£2.99
Spiderman 2099 Exodus2£2.99
Spiderman 2099 Exodus2 Lashley Frame Variant£14.99
Spiderman 2099 Exodus2 Ron Lim Variant£14.99
Star Wars Bounty Hunters24£2.99
Star Wars Crimson Reign5£2.99
The Kree Skrull War Starring Avengers Special Editions2£20.00
The Thing1£4.50
The Uncanny X MenX Men Alpha Age Of Apocalypse Begins Chromium Cover£35.00
What If? Miles Morales4£2.99
X Men12£2.99
X Men Red3£2.99

One Peace Books

The Rising Of The Shield Hero18£10.99

Panini Comics

Doctor Who Magazine678£6.99


Judge Dredd Megazine445£5.99


Rivers Of London Deadly Ever After2£2.99

Walter Foster Publishing

The Art Of Drawing Manga Oversized Softcover1£16.99

Yen Press

Goblin Slayer Side Story Year One Graphic Novel SeriesVolume 7£11.99


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