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ADV Manga

Chrono Crusade2£8.99

Big Finish

Doctor Who 8th Doctor Adventures Ravenous CD Box SetsBox Set Volume 3£49.99
Doctor Who 8th Doctor Adventures Ravenous CD Box SetsBox Set Volume 4£49.99


Buffy The Vampire Slayer (Boom)29£2.99
Dune Blood Of The Sardaukar1 Gorham Variant£9.99
Dune Blood Of The Sardaukar1 Standard£6.99
Dune House Atreides9 Cover A£4.50
Dune House Atreides9 Cover B£4.50
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Boom Studios)Mighty Morphin 11£2.99

Bowen Designs Busts

Inhuman Lockjaw Mini Bust by Bowen1£199.99

Dark Horse

Black Hammer Visions7£2.99
Farcry Rite Of Passage3£2.99
Firefly Brand New Verse6£4.50
Groo Meets Tarzan2£2.99
Harrow CountyTales From Harrow County Fair Folk 2£2.99
Masters Of The Universe Revelation2£2.99
Masters Of The Universe Revelation3£2.99
Stranger Things Library Edition HardcoversVolume 1 Hardcover£38.99
The Witcher Witches Lament4£2.99
Unbelievable Unteens World Of Black Hammer2£2.99
Usagi Yojimbo22£2.99
Usagi Yojimbo Dragon Bellow Conspiracy3£2.99


Action Comics1034 Cover B Cardstck Variant£4.99
AquamanAquaman 80th Anniversary Spectacular 1 Cover A£9.99
AquamanAquaman 80th Anniversary Spectacular 1 Cover C£9.99
AquamanAquaman 80th Anniversary Spectacular 1 Cover E£9.99
AquamanAquaman 80th Anniversary Spectacular 1 Cover F£9.99
AquamanAquaman 80th Anniversary Spectacular 1 Cover G£9.99
AquamanAquaman 80th Anniversary Spectacular 1 Cover H£9.99
AquamanAquaman 80th Anniversary Spectacular 1 Cover I£9.99
BatmanBatman Secret Files Clownhunter 1 Cover B Cardstock£5.99
BatmanBatman The World Hardcover£22.99
Batman Adventures Continues Season 23 Cover B Cardstock Variant£4.50
Batman And Scooby Doo Mysteries5£2.99
Batman Catwoman7 Cover A£4.50
Batman Superman21 Cardstock Cover£4.50
Batman SupermanBatman Superman 2021 Annual 1 Cover B Cardstock£5.99
Batman Urban Legends7£8.99
Black Manta1 Cover A£2.99
Blue And Gold2 Cover B Suicide Squad Movie Variant£4.50
Catwoman34 Cardstock Cover£4.50
Challenge Of Super Sons5 Cardstock Variant£4.50
Crush And Lobo4 Cover B Cardstock Cover£4.50
DC Horror Presents Conjuring Lover1£4.50
Detective Comics1041£5.99
Detective Comics1042£5.99
Future State Gotham4£4.50
Green Lantern6 Hitch Cardstock£5.99
Green LanternGreen Lantern 2021 Annual 1 Cardstock Cover£5.99
MidnighterMidnighter 2021 Annual 1£5.99
Mister Miracle Source Of Freedom4 Cardstock Cover£4.50
Next Batman Second SonNext Batman Second Son Hardcover£24.99
Nightwing83 Cover B Cardstock£4.50
Pennyworth1 Cover B Cardstock Variant£4.50
Rorschach11 Cardstock Variant£4.50
Rorschach12 Cardstock Variant£4.50
RWBY Justice League5 Cardstock£4.50
Sacred Six12£2.99
Scooby Doo Where Are You?111£2.99
Sensational Wonder Woman7 Cardstock Cover£4.50
Shazam!2 Cover B Cardstock£4.50
Static Season One3 Cover B Cardstock£4.50
Suicide Squad7 Cover B Cardstock£4.50
Suicide SquadSuicide Squad 2021 Annual 1 Cardstock£5.99
Suicide Squad Get Joker2£5.99
Supergirl Woman Of Tomorrow3 Cover A£4.50
Superman Red And Blue6 Cardstock Cover A£5.99
Superman Red And Blue6 Cardstock Cover B£5.99
Superman Son Of Kal El1 2nd Printing£2.99
Superman Son Of Kal El2 Cover B Cardstock£4.50
Superman VS Lobo1 Cover A£6.99
Superman VS Lobo1 Cover B£6.99
Superman VS Lobo1 Cover C£6.99
Swamp Thing7£4.50
Teen Titans Academy6£4.50
The Flash773 Booth Cardstock Variant£4.50
Wonder Girl3 Cardstock£4.50
Wonder Woman777 Cover B£5.99
Wonder Woman778 Cover B£5.99
Wonder Woman Black And Gold3 Cover B£5.99

DieGo Publishing

Rourke The Hexbuster1£15.99

Dynamite Entertainment

Dejah Thoris Vs John Carter Of Mars2£2.99
Red Sonja Black White Red2£4.50
Vampiverse1 Cover A Hughes£2.99
Vampiverse1 Cover B Segovia£2.99

Gemstone Publishing

EC Archives Tales From The Crypt HardcoverEC Archives Shock Suspense Stories Tp£19.99

Hamilton Comics

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers10£2.99
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers11£2.99

IDW Publishing

Canto III Lionhearted2£2.99
Godzilla Monsters And Protectors5£2.99
Godzilla Monsters And ProtectorsGodzilla Rivals VS Mothra£9.99
My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic101 Cover A£2.99
Sonic The Hedgehog44 Cover B£2.99
Sonic The Hedgehog44 Cover A£2.99
Star Trek Mirror War0 Cover B Ebenebe£2.99
Star Trek Year Five24£2.99
Transformers Beast Wars7£2.99
Transformers Shattered Glass1£2.99


Old Guard Tales Through Time5£2.99
Savage Dragon260£2.99
Walking DeadWalking Dead Deluxe 21 Cover A£2.99
Walking DeadWalking Dead Deluxe 21 Cover B£2.99
Walking DeadWalking Dead Deluxe 23 Cover A£2.99
Walking DeadWalking Dead Deluxe 23 Cover B£2.99
Walking DeadWalking Dead Deluxe 23 Cover C£2.99


Amazing Fantasy1£4.50
Amazing Spiderman72£2.99
Amazing Spiderman73 Baldeon Handbook variant£9.99
Amazing Spiderman73£2.99
Avengers48 Souze Miles Morales 10th Anniversary Variant£9.99
Black Cat9 Lupacchino Connecting Variant£14.99
Black Widow11 Edge Miles Morales 10th Anniversary Variant£9.99
Cable Reloaded1 Liefeld Deadpool 30th Anniversary Variant£4.50
Captain Marvel31£2.99
Captain Marvel32£2.99
Captain Marvel32 Garbett Variant£9.99
Children Of The Atom6£2.99
Conan The Barbarian25£4.50
Daken Dark Wolverine2£2.20
Daredevil31 2nd Printing£2.99
Daredevil34 Liefeld Deadpool 30th Anniversary Variant£9.99
Darkhawk1 Yu Variant£4.50
Darkhawk1 Ron lim Variant£9.99
Deadpool Black White And Blood2£4.50
Demon Days Cursed Web1£4.50
Demon Days Cursed Web1 Garbowska Variant£9.99
Demon Days Cursed Web1 Gurihiru Variant£9.99
Demon Days Cursed Web1 Ron Lim Variant£9.99
Eternals Thanos Rises1 Tod Nauck Headshot Variant£9.99
Eternals Thanos Rises1£2.99
Eternals Thanos Rises1 Ron Lim Variant£9.99
Excalibur23 Ruan Variant£9.99
Extreme Carnage Agony1£2.99
Extreme Carnage Agony1 Johnson Connecting£9.99
Extreme Carnage Agony1 Young Variant£9.99
Extreme Carnage Riot1 Young Variant£9.99
Extreme Carnage Riot1 Johnson Connecting Variant£9.99
Extreme Carnage Toxin1£2.99
Fantastic Four35£9.99
Gamma Flight3£2.99
Gamma Flight3 Pacheco Connecting Variant£9.99
Marvels Voices PrideMarvels Voices Identity 1 AAPIH Variant£14.99
Marvels Voices PrideMarvels Voices Identity 1£5.99
Mighty Valkyries5£2.99
Miles Morales SpidermanMiles Morales 2021 Annual Infinities 1£4.50
Miles Morales SpidermanMiles Morales 2021 Annual Infinities 1 Connecting Variant£14.99
Miles Morales Spiderman29£2.99
Moon Knight2£2.99
Moon Knight2 Peach momoko Variant£9.99
New Mutants21£2.99
New Mutants21 Edge Variant£2.99
Non Stop Spiderman4£2.99
Savage Avengers24£2.99
Shang Chi4 Clarke Miles Morales 10th Anniversary Variant£9.99
Sinister War3£4.50
Sinister War3 Bagley Connecting Variant£9.99
Sinister War3 Baldeon Veregge Variant£9.99
Sinister War3 Baldeon Handbook Variant£9.99
Sinister War4£4.50
Sinister War4 Bagley Connecting Variant£9.99
Sinister War4 Baldeon Handbook Variant£9.99
Spiderman Life Story The 60sSpiderman Life Story Annual£4.50
Spiderman Spiders Shadow5£2.99
Spiderwoman15 Bengal Miles Morales 10th Anniversary Variant£9.99
Star Wars16£2.99
Star Wars Bounty Hunters3£4.50
Star Wars Bounty Hunters4£4.50
Star Wars Bounty Hunters Boushh1£4.50
Star Wars Bounty Hunters Boushh1 Blueprint Variant£9.99
Star Wars Bounty Hunters Jabba Hutt1 2nd Printing£4.50
Star Wars Darth Vader15£2.99
Star Wars Darth Vader16£2.99
Star Wars Darth Vader16 Sprouse Lucasfilm 50th anniversary variant£9.99
Star Wars Darth Vader16 Villanelli Blueprint Variant£9.99
Star Wars Doctor Aphra13 WOBH£2.99
Star Wars Doctor Aphra14 WOBH£2.99
Star Wars High Republic7 2nd Printing£2.99
Star Wars High Republic8£2.99
Star Wars High Republic9£2.99
Strange Academy12£2.99
Symbiote Spiderman Crossroads2£2.99
The Champions9£2.99
The Marvels4£4.50
Thor16 Liefeld Deadpool 30th Variant£9.99
Warhammer 40000 Sisters Battle2£4.50
Warhammer 40000 Sisters Battle2 Games Workshop Variant£9.99
Way Of X5£4.50
Web Of Spiderman4£2.99
Web Of Spiderman5£2.99
Winter Guard1 Lashley Variant£4.50
Winter Guard1 Nauck Headshot Variant£4.50
X Corp4£2.99
X Force22£2.99
X Force23£2.99
X Men Legends6£2.99
X Men Trial Of Magneto1 Romita Variant£4.50
X Men Trial Of Magneto2£2.99
X Men Trial Of Magneto2 Baldeon Variant£9.99
X Men Trial Of Magneto2 Shavrin Variant£9.99

Oni Press

Rick And Morty54 Variant£9.99


WWE New Day Power Of Positivity2 Cover A£9.99


Blood Sucker MangaVolume 1£6.99
Kyo Kara MAOH MangaVolume 1£8.99
Life Graphic Novel2£6.99
Life Graphic Novel1£6.99
Life Graphic Novel5£6.99
Tokyo Mew Mew A La Mode Graphic Novels4£6.99
Wild Adapter MangaVolume 3£6.99


Arata The Legend MangaVolume 3£6.99
Arata The Legend MangaVolume 4£6.99
Cacus's Secret MangaVolume 3£6.99
Captive Hearts MangaVolume 3£6.99
Demon Love Spell Manga1£6.99
Full Moon MangaVolume 1£7.99
Tiger And Bunny MangaVolume 2£6.99
Tiger And Bunny MangaVolume 3£6.99

Yen Press

Zombie Loan MangaVolume 4£5.99


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