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Big Finish

Doctor Who Drama CD's51 The Wormery CD£14.99
Doctor Who Drama CD's54 The Natural History Of Fear CD£14.99
Doctor Who Drama CD's55 The Twilight Kingdom CD£14.99
Doctor Who Drama CD's56 The Axis Of Insanity CD£14.99
Doctor Who Drama CD's57 Arrangements For War CD£14.99
Doctor Who Drama CD's58 The Harvest CD£14.99
Doctor Who Drama CD's59 The Roof Of The World CD£14.99
Doctor Who Drama CD's60 Medicinal Purposes CD£14.99
Doctor Who Drama CD's64 The Next Life CD£14.99
Doctor Who Drama CD's66 The Game CD£14.99
Doctor Who Drama CD's65 The Juggernauts CD£14.99
Doctor Who Drama CD's68 Catch-1782 CD£14.99
Doctor Who Drama CD's69 Three's A Crowd CD£14.99
Doctor Who Drama CD's70 Unregenerate CD£14.99
Doctor Who Drama CD's71 Council Of Nicea CD£14.99
Doctor Who Drama CD's72 Terra Firma CD£14.99
Doctor Who Drama CD's73 Thicker Than Water CD£14.99
Doctor Who Drama CD's74 Live 34 CD£14.99
Doctor Who Drama CD's75 Scaredy Cat CD£14.99
Doctor Who Drama CD's76 Singularity CD£14.99
Doctor Who Drama CD's77 Other Lives CD£14.99
Doctor Who Drama CD's78 Pier Pressure CD£14.99
Doctor Who Drama CD's79 Night Thoughts CD£14.99
Doctor Who Drama CD's86 Reaping CD£14.99
Doctor Who Drama CD's88 Memory Lane CD£14.99
Doctor Who Drama CD's89 No Man's Land (We Are The Dead) CD£14.99
Doctor Who Drama CD's90 Year Of The Pig CD£14.99
Doctor Who Drama CD's87 Gathering CD£14.99
Doctor Who Drama CD's91 Circular Time CD£14.99
Doctor Who Drama CD's93 Renaissance Of The Daleks CD£14.99
Doctor Who Drama CD's94 ID & Urgent Calls CD£14.99
Doctor Who Drama CD's95 Exotron And Urban Myths CD£14.99
Doctor Who Drama CD's96 Valhalla CD£14.99
Doctor Who Drama CD's97 Wishing Beast / Vanity Box CD£14.99
Doctor Who Drama CD's98 Frozen Time CD£14.99
Doctor Who Drama CD's99 Son Of The Dragon CD£14.99
Doctor Who Drama CD's122 The Angel Of Scutari CD£14.99
Doctor Who Drama CD's130 A Thousand Tiny Wings CD£14.99
Doctor Who Drama CD's131 Survival Of The Fittest CD£14.99
Doctor Who Drama CD'sDalek Empire 3.1 The Exterminators CD£10.99
Doctor Who The War Master Audio Drama CD Box Sets Starring Sir Derek JacobiVolume 1 Only The Good CD Box Set£39.99

Dark Horse

Harrow County29£2.99
Mata Hari2£2.99
The Crash Bandicoot Files : How Willy The Wombat Sparked Marsupial Mania Oversized Hardcover1£26.99
Tomb Raider 20164£2.99
Usagi YojimboThe Hidden 1£2.99


Action Comics988 Variant£9.99
Action Comics988 2nd Printing£2.30
Batman Beyond18£2.99
Batman Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II5£2.99
Cave Carson Has An Interstellar Eye1£2.99
Dark Nights Metal6£4.50
Detective Comics977£2.99
Doomsday Clock1 3rd Printing£4.99
Doomsday Clock4£4.50
Doomsday Clock4 Variant£9.99
Gears of WarGears Of War Rise Of Raam 3£2.99
Green Lanterns43£2.30
Hal Jordan And The Green Lantern Corp40£2.30
Hal Jordan And The Green Lantern Corp41£2.30
Harley Quinn40 Variant£2.99
Justice League41£2.30
Justice League41 Variant£9.99
Justice League Of America27£2.30
Justice League Of America23£2.30
Mother Panic Gotham AD1£2.99
Mystik U starring Zatanna3£4.99
Super Sons14£2.99
Swamp ThingSwamp Thing Winter Special 1£6.99
Teen Titans18£2.99
The Flash43£2.30
The Flash43 Variant£9.99
Wonder Woman43£2.30
Wonder Woman43 Variant Cover£2.30

Eaglemoss Publications

Star Trek Ships Magazine Figurine CollectionStar Trek Special NX01 Enterprise Special£49.99
Star Trek Ships Magazine Figurine Collection121 SS Xhosa£12.99

Fantagraphics Books

Sheep Of Fools Hardcover1£9.99

Hatchet Book Group

Doctor Who The Complete History Hardcover Book Collection68£9.99

IDW Publishing

30 Days Of Night4£2.99
Corto Maltese Graphic Novel SeriesCorto Maltese Golden House Of Samarkand Graphic Novel£31.99
Dungeons And Dragons (2016)Dungeons And Dragons Shadows Of The Vampire 1£2.99
G.I.Joe A Real American Hero!250£4.50
My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic64£2.99
My Little Pony Legends Of Magic12£2.99
Rick And Morty12£2.99
Rick And Morty35£2.99
Transformers (Formerly Robots In Disguise) Ongoing51£2.99
Transformers More Than Meets The Eye Ongoing2£2.99
Transformers VS The Visionaries4£2.99


Black Magick11£2.99
Cyber Force1 Cover B Fernandez£2.99
Days Of Hate3£2.99
East Of West36£2.99
Hit Girl1£2.99
Kick Ass2 Cover A£2.99
Saga50 Staples Cover A£2.30
Saga50 Virgin Cover B£2.30
Southern Cross14£2.99
The Beef2£2.99


Amazing Spiderman796 or 40 Legacy 2nd Printing£2.99
Amazing Spiderman Renew Your Vows17 Legacy£2.99
Avengers3 Heroic Age£3.50
Avengers1 Heroic Age£5.00
Avengers2 Heroic Age£3.50
Avengers (Now)681 2nd Printing Legacy£2.99
Avengers (Now)685 Legacy£2.99
Avengers (Now)682 Izaakse 2nd Printing Variant Legacy£2.99
Avengers (Now)686 Legacy£2.99
Batman Sins Of The Father2£2.99
Cable155 Legacy£2.99
DeadpoolDespicable Deadpool 297 Legacy£2.99
Incredible Hulk714 Legacy£2.99
Infinity (Thanos)1 Party Variants£9.99
Invincible Iron ManTales Of Suspense 103 Legacy£2.99
Invincible Iron Man598 Legacy£2.99
Iron Man Hong Kong Heroes1£2.99
Jessica Jones18 Legacy£2.99
Legion (X Men)3£2.99
Marvel Two In One3 Legacy Schiti 2nd Printing £2.99
Mighty Thor705 Legacy£2.99
Monsters Unleashed12 Legacy£2.99
Moon Knight193 Legacy£2.99
Ms Marvel28£2.99
Old Man Hawkeye3£2.99
Old Man Logan37 Legacy£2.99
Peter Parker Spectacular Spiderman302 Legacy£2.99
Spider Gwen30 Legacy£2.99
Spiderman And Deadpool30 Legacy£2.99
Star Wars45£2.99
Star Wars Doctor Aphra18£2.99
Star Wars Poe Dameron25£2.99
The Champions18 Legacy£2.99
VenomTrue Believers Venom Dark Origins 1£1.00
VenomTrue Believers Venom Flashpoint 1£1.00
VenomTrue Believers Agent Venom£1.00
VenomTrue Believers Venom Homecoming£1.00
VenomTrue Believers Venom Toxin£1.00
Weapon H1 Legacy£4.50
X Men Blue24 Legacy£2.99
X Men Gold24 Legacy£2.99

Quality Communications Magazines

The Who's Who Of Doctor Who A Whovian Guide To Friends Foes Villains Monsters and Companions Oversized Softcover by Cameron K McEwan with illustrations by Andrew Skilleter1£18.95



Sundry Items

Avatar The Legend Of Korra Pro Bending Arena Game1£54.99
Marvel Animated Style Squirrel Girl Statue1£99.99
Rick And Morty Electronic Replica Portal Gun1£29.99

Sundry Items and Figures

Terminator 3 TX Endoskeleton Kit1 With Weapon Hand£24.99


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