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Arcana Studios

Jim Henson Story Teller Sirens3£2.99

Archaia Studios Press

Jim Henson Beneath Dark Crystal10£2.99

Bearded Skull

Dexters Half DozenStone Child Graphic Novel£12.99


Angel (Buffy Boom)1 Main Cover A£2.99
Angel (Buffy Boom)1 Main Cover B£2.99
Angel (Buffy Boom)1 Main Cover C Preorder Variant£2.99
Buffy The Vampire Slayer (Boom)5£2.99
Giant Days51£4.50
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Boom Studios)39£2.99
Rocko's Modern Life3£2.99
Ronin Island4£2.99

Candy Jar Books

Doctor Who Connecting Who Paperback Guide to Artificial Beings by Peter Grehan1£9.99
Kangazang 3 Small Cosmos Paperback By Terry Cooper1£9.99
Kangazang! Audio CD and DVD Set Read and Performed by Colin Baker (6th Doctor Who)1£14.99
Lethbridge-Stewart Beast Of Fang Rock Paperback Novel (Worlds Of Doctor Who)1£8.99
Lethbridge-Stewart Blood Of Atlantis Novel (Worlds Of Doctor Who)1£8.99
Lethbridge-Stewart Brigadier Declassified Paperback Anthology (Worlds Of Doctor Who)(50th Anniversary)1£8.99
Lethbridge-Stewart Brigadier Lucy Wilson And The Bledoe Cadets Novel (Worlds Of Doctor Who)(50th Anniversary)1£8.99
Lethbridge-Stewart Fear Of The Web Paperback Novel (Worlds Of Doctor Who)1£8.99
Lethbridge-Stewart Mind Of Stone Novel (Worlds Of Doctor Who)1£8.99
Lethbridge-Stewart Moon Blink Paperback Novel (Worlds Of Doctor Who)1£8.99
Lethbridge-Stewart Night Of The Intelligence Novel (Worlds Of Doctor Who)1£8.99
Lethbridge-Stewart Quiz Book (Worlds Of Doctor Who)1£8.99
Lethbridge-Stewart Rise Of The Dominator Paperback Novel (Worlds Of Doctor Who)1£8.99
Lethbridge-Stewart Scary Monsters Paperback Novel (Worlds Of Doctor Who)1£8.99
Lethbridge-Stewart Special Limited Edition Paperback The Havoc Files 21£14.99
Lethbridge-Stewart The Danger Men Paperback Novel (Worlds Of Doctor Who)1£8.99
Lethbridge-Stewart The Daughters Of Earth Novel (Worlds Of Doctor Who)1£8.99
Lethbridge-Stewart The Grandfather Infestation Paperback Novel (Worlds Of Doctor Who)1£8.99
Lethbridge-Stewart The Man From Yesterday Paperback Novel (Worlds Of Doctor Who)1£8.99
Lethbridge-Stewart The Schizoid Earth Paperback Novel (Worlds Of Doctor Who)1£8.99
Lethbridge-Stewart Times Squared Paperback Novel (Worlds Of Doctor Who)1£8.99

Dark Horse

Black Hammer45 From World Of Black Hammer Issue 4£2.99
Fight Club 35£2.99
Incredibles 2 Secret Identities3£2.99
Joe Golem Occult DetectiveJoe Golem Conjurors 2£2.99
Mystery Science Theatre 3000 The Comic6£2.99
Neil Gaimans American Gods Moment Of Storm2£2.99
Star Wars108 Original Marvel Years£5.99
Stranger Things Six1 Cover A£2.99
Stranger Things Six1 Cover B£2.99
Stranger Things Six1 Cover C£2.99
Umbrella Academy Hotel Oblivion7£2.99

Dark Horse Deluxe

Hellboy Enamel Pin Set1£24.99


Adventures Of The Super Sons11£2.99
American Carnage7£2.99
Batman And The Outsiders2£2.99
Batman Beyond32£2.99
Batman Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III2£2.99
Batman Who Laughs (Metal)6£4.50
DC Dog Days Of Summer (DC Super Pets Special1£8.99
DC Heroes In Crisis9£2.99
Detective ComicsDetective Comics Annual 2 (2019)£4.50
Detective Comics1000 Deluxe Edition Hardcover£16.99
Detective Comics1005£2.99
Doomsday Clock10£4.50
Doomsday Clock10 Variant£9.99
Event Leviathan1£2.99
Female Furies5£2.99
Green Lantern8£2.99
Harley Quinn62£2.99
Justice League24£2.99
Justice League25£4.50
Justice League Dark11£2.99
Justice League Odyssey10£2.99
Leviathan1 Variant£14.99
Martian Manhunter5£2.99
Red Hood And The Outlaws35£2.99
Sandman Universe House Of Whispers10£2.99
Superior Spiderman6£2.99
Superior Spiderman7£2.99
Teen Titans30£2.99
The Dreaming10£2.99
The Flash72£2.99
Wonder Twins5£2.99
Wonder Woman71£2.99
Wonder Woman72£2.99

DC Direct

Harley Quinn Red White And Black Statue By Frank Cho1£119.99

Deadstar Publishing

7 Shades by Mr Rogers and Mr Clifford1£3.99
7 Shades by Mr Rogers and Mr Clifford2£3.99
7 Shades by Mr Rogers and Mr Clifford3£3.99
7 Shades by Mr Rogers and Mr Clifford4£3.99
Dolphin Squad Heroes Of The Sea Graphic Novel by Danny J Weston1£9.99
Dolphin Squad II Death In The Pod Graphic Novel by Danny J Weston1£12.99

Dynamite Entertainment

Army Of Darkness Bubba Ho Tep4£2.99
Bettie Page5£2.99
Elvira Mistress Of The DarkElvira Mistress Of The Dark Spring Special One Shot£4.99
Elvira Mistress Of The DarkElvira Shape Of Elvira 3£2.99
James BondJames Bond Origin 10£2.99
James Bond 0077£2.99
Red Sonja5£2.99

G E Fabbri

Doctor Who Battles In Time MagazineUltimate Monsters Trading Card Booster Packs Unopened Box Contains 32 Booster Packs£48.00

IDW Publishing

Dick Tracy Forever2£2.99
My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic78£2.99
Sonic The Hedgehog17£2.99
Sonic The HedgehogTeam Sonic Racing Plus Deluxe Turbo Championship Edition£6.99
Star Trek OngoingStar Trek The Q Conflict 5£2.99


Black Science40£2.99
Little Bird3£2.99
Little Bird1 3rd Printing£2.99
Paper Girls29£2.99
Port Of Earth10£2.99


Age Of Conan Belit4£2.99
Age Of X Man Apocalypse X Tracts4£2.99
Age Of X Man Marvelous X Men4£2.99
Age Of X Man Next Gen4£2.99
Age Of X Man Nightcrawler4£2.99
Age Of X Man Prisoner X4£2.99
Age Of X Man X-Tremists4£2.99
Amazing Spiderman21£2.99
Amazing Spiderman22£2.99
Amazing Spiderman252 Facsimile Edition£2.99
Amazing SpidermanSpiderman City At War 3£2.99
Amazing SpidermanTrue Believers Spiderman Kravens Last Hunt 1£1.00
Amazing SpidermanTrue Believers Spidergirl What If 1£1.00
Amazing Spiderman23£2.99
Amazing SpidermanMarvel Tales Spiderman 1£6.99
Amazing SpidermanTrue Believers Spiderman Morbius 1£1.00
Amazing SpidermanTrue Believers Sinister Secret Of Spidermans New Costume£1.00
Amazing SpidermanTrue Believers Spiderman Vs Hulk 1£1.00
Asgardians Of The Galaxy9 MAXX Lim Marvel Battle Variant£2.99
Asgardians Of The Galaxy10£2.99
Avengers No Road Home9 2nd Printing£2.99
Black Cat1£4.50
Captain Marvel1 3rd Printing£4.50
Captain Marvel2 2nd Printing£2.99
Captain Marvel4 2nd Printing£2.99
Captain Marvel6£2.99
CatwomanCatwoman Annual 1 (2019)£4.50
Cosmic Ghost Rider Destroys History4£2.99
Dead Man Logan8£2.99
Doctor Strange14£2.99
Domino Hotshots4£2.99
Fantastic Four10£2.99
Friendly Neighbourhood Spiderman6 2nd Printing£2.99
Friendly Neighbourhood Spiderman7£2.99
Giant Man3£2.99
Guardians Of The Galaxy5£2.99
Guardians Of The GalaxyGuardians Of The Galaxy Annual 1 (2019)£4.50
Immortal Hulk17£2.99
Immortal Hulk1 5th Printing£4.50
Immortal Hulk13 3rd Printing£2.99
Immortal Hulk14 3rd Printing£2.99
Immortal Hulk15 3rd Printing£2.99
Immortal Hulk18£2.99
Immortal Hulk3 4th Printing£2.99
Immortal Hulk7 3rd Printing£2.99
Immortal HulkIncredible Hulk Last Call 1£2.99
Iron FistTrue Believers Iron Fist Misty Knight 1£1.00
Iron FistTrue Believers Luke Cage Power Man Pirhana 1£1.00
Kick Ass 3 by Mark Millar14£2.99
Magnificent Ms Marvel3£2.99
Major X5£2.99
Marvel Comics Presents5£4.50
Marvel Rising Alpha starring Ms Marvel and the Unbeatable Squirrel Girl3£4.50
Marvel Team Up3£2.99
Moon Girl And Devil Dinosaur43£2.99
Mr And Mrs X11£2.99
Old Man Quill5£2.99
Old Man Quill6£2.99
Power PackTrue Believers Power Pack 1£1.00
Savage Avengers2£4.50
Shuri (Black Panther)8£2.99
Silver Surfer Black1£2.99
Silver Surfer Black1 Blank Variant£9.99
Silver Surfer Black1 Ron Lim Variant£19.99
Spider GwenSpider Gwen Ghost Spider 9£2.99
Spiderman Life Story The 60s4£4.50
Star Wars66£2.99
Star WarsStar Wars Vader Dark Visions 4£2.99
Star WarsStar Wars Vader Dark Visions 5£2.99
Star Wars Age Of Rebellion Jabba The Hutt1£2.99
Star Wars Age Of Rebellion Lando Calrissian1£2.99
Star Wars Vader Dark Visions4£2.99
Symbiote Spiderman2 £2.99
The Champions6£2.99
The Uncanny X MenX Men Grand Design X Tinction 1£5.99
Thor13 £2.99
Tony Stark Iron Man12£2.99
Unstoppable Wasp8£2.99
Venom12 2nd Printing Cassara Variant£2.99
Venom15 Bianchi Marvels 25th Tribute Variant£2.99
War Of The Realms5£4.50
War Of The Realms Journey Into Mystery4£2.99
War Of The Realms Journey Into Mystery2 2nd Printing£2.99
War Of The Realms New Agents Of Atlas1£2.99
War Of The Realms Spiderman And League Of Realms1£2.99
Wolverine1 Blank Cover Variant£9.99
X 2312£2.99
X Force8£2.99

Planet Replicas

2000ad Judge Dredd Miniature Helmet Replica1£14.99

Sundry Items

Torchwood Captain Jack Premium Maxi Bust1£99.99

T Shirts And Apparrel

Sonic Book Sonic The Hedgehog Nintendo T ShirtSmall£19.99
Sonic Book Sonic The Hedgehog Nintendo T ShirtMedium£19.99
Sonic Book Sonic The Hedgehog Nintendo T ShirtLarge£19.99

Top Shelf

The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen The Tempest5£4.50


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