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BBC Worldwide

Torchwood CD Radio DramaTorchwood God Among Us Part 3£39.99
Torchwood CD Radio DramaTorchwood Sargasso CD Drama£14.99


Ronin Island2£2.99

Dark Horse

Black Hammer Age Of Doom12£2.99
Critical Role Vox Machina Origins Series 23£2.99
Empowered Graphic Novels by Adam WarrenVolume Eleven£17.99


Aquaman52 Cardstock Cover£4.50
BatmanBatman Vs Riddler 1£4.50
Batman79 Cardstock Cover£4.50
Flash Forward1£2.99
Inferior Five1£2.99
Justice League32£2.99
Lex Luthor Year Of The Villain1£4.50
Supergirl34 Cardstock Cover£4.50
Supermans Pal Jimmy Olsen3£2.99
Teen Titans34£2.99
Teen Titans Go34£2.30
Titans Burning Rage2£4.50
Wonder Woman77£2.99
Wonder Woman78£2.99
Wonder Woman Come Back To Me3£4.50

Dynamite Entertainment

Barbarella1 Virgin Cover£2.99
Blade Runner 20192 Ward Virgin Cover£2.99
Blade Runner 20192 Guice Cover£2.99
Elvira Mistress Of The Dark9£2.99
James Bond 00711£2.99
Red SonjaRed Sonja Birth Of A She Devil 4£2.99

Eaglemoss Publications

Marvel Movie Collection Figurine Magazine80 Black Panther£14.99

IDW Publishing

My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic82£2.99
Starcadia Quest1£4.50


Coffin Bound2£2.99
Sonata2 2nd Printing£2.99
Sonata3 2nd Printing£2.99


Absolute Carnage Lethal Protectors2£2.99
Aero2 2nd Printing£2.99
Amazing Spiderman27 2nd Printing£2.99
Black Panther And Agents Of Wakanda1£2.99
Conan The Barbarian Exodus1 2nd Printing£2.99
Daredevil181 Facsimile Edition£4.50
Dead Man Logan11£2.99
Deadpool Max2£15.00
Deadpool Max3£10.00
Deadpool Max1£20.00
Deadpool Max4£10.00
Deadpool Max6£5.00
Deadpool Max7£5.00
Deadpool Max8£5.00
Deadpool Max9£5.00
Deadpool Max10£5.00
Deadpool Max11£5.00
Deadpool Max12£5.00
Deaths Head3 Standard Cover£2.99
Deaths Head3 McCrea Connecting Variant£2.99
Friendly Neighbourhood Spiderman12£2.99
Guardians Of The Galaxy9£4.50
Immortal HulkTrue Believers Hulk Mindless Hulk 1£1.00
Immortal HulkTrue Believers Hulk Grey Hulk Returns 1£1.00
Immortal HulkTrue Believers Hulk Joe Fixit 1£1.00
Immortal HulkTrue Believers Hulk Professor Hulk 1£1.00
Immortal HulkTrue Believers Hulk Returns 1£1.00
Magnificent Ms Marvel7£2.99
Miles Morales Spiderman10 or 250£4.50
Moon KnightMoon Knight Annual 1 (2019)£4.50
Savage Avengers4 2nd printing£2.99
Savage Sword Of Conan9£2.99
Spiderman1 Chip Kidd Die Cut Variant£14.99
Star Wars AOR Rey1£2.99
Star Wars AOR Rose Tico1£2.99
Star Wars Doctor Aphra36£2.99
Tony Stark Iron Man16£2.99
Unbeatable Squirrel Girl48£2.99
Valkyrie Jane Foster3£2.99

Oni Press

Rick And Morty35£2.99
Rick And MortyRick And Morty Vs Dungeons And Dragons 2£4.50
Rick And MortyRick And Morty Vs Dungeons And Dragons 3£4.50
Rick And MortyRick And Morty Vs Dungeons And Dragons 4£4.50
Rick And Morty45£2.99
Rick And Morty48£2.99
Rick And Morty49£2.99
Rick And Morty50£5.99
Rick And Morty50 Cover C Horak Morty Connecting Cover Variant£14.99
Rick And Morty51£2.99
Rick And MortyRick And Morty Presents Mr Meeseeks Look At Me 1£4.50
Rick And MortyRick And Morty Presents Mr Meeseeks Look At Me 1 Cover B Sterm Variant£9.99
Rick And Morty53£2.99
Rick And Morty26 Variant£9.99
Rick And MortyRick And Morty Flesh Curtains One Shot£4.50
Rick And Morty34 Krombopulous Michael Variant£9.99
Rick And Morty22 Variant£9.99
Rick And Morty25 Variant£9.99
Rick And Morty17 Variant£9.99
Rick And Morty48 Blade Runner Variant£9.99
Rick And Morty33 Variant£9.99
Rick And Morty13 Variant£9.99
Rick And Morty32 Variant£9.99
Rick And Morty19 Variant£9.99

Sundry Items

Naruto Jiraiya (Pervy Sage) Wearable Headband1£49.99


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