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DC >> Connor Hawke Dragon's Blood ( Volume 1)  
by DC
Connor is having dream, he is hunted down and killed by three versions of his father Ollie. After the dream he turns to his Buddhist beliefs and prays. Eddie suggests they take a break from the ashram and go to town. They walk in the garden outside with Eddie suggesting connor needs some sex to calm down. Connor disagrees and they bicker for awhile. Then Master Jensen comes in and inform him he has a visitor. It is Edison hoone of Zhao industries. He has come to invite Connor to an exclusive archery contest. Connor is confused until Edison tells him the legend surrounding the tournament. After this connor decides to attend and Eddie accompanies him. Connor reveals he is attending to prove to himself once and for all if he is worthy of the Green arrow, mantle. In Africa a redhead easily kills a charging Rhino with a single arrow. Eddison arrives and gives her an invitation. Next he tracks down the monkey fist cult/brotherhood. He finds the bamboo monkey who accepts the invitation. Then in the US we met Tony Crowfoot an American athlete who has just been invited he makes the announcement on national tv on a late night tv show. Elsewhere Shado dispatches some thugs to rescue a captured girl before receiving her own invitation.
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