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Others >> Morbid 2 Dead But Not Out Graphic Novel ( Volume 1)  
by Dark Horse
The confluence of cinema and comic books is a frequently raised subject, but now veteran motion-picture storyboard artist Pete Von Sholly bridges the gap once again! MORBID Volume 2, the sequel to last year's groundbreaking publication, blurs the line between these two mediums even further. Von Sholly takes the time-honored European "fumetti" method to its next level with custom-sculpted models, costumed actors, and computer-generated special effects! The stories themselves run the gamut from tongue-in-cheek lampoons of classic sci-fi movies to gut-wrenching horror in the Lovecraft tradition. The future of graphic storytelling may well be in Pete Von Sholly's MORBID!

• Von Sholly's experience working on countless sci-fi and horror genre films (The Mask, Darkman, The Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile, Mars Attacks, etc.), as well as his experience as a Disney animation artist and conceptual designer, come together to unveil an inventive leap in visual storytelling.

"Only the most skilled and committed of writers can have such an instinct for which wrong turns to take, and Von Sholly's ear for pulpy overstatement with an underlying literary truth is unerring. A-list B-movie-ism of consummate craft and sumptuous imagination; a genre unto itself. Thanks for each unholy, cobwebbed page!" ?Adam McGovern of the Jack Kirby Collector

"Buy these books! When Von Sholly, mad genius that he is, is committed- and he will be- they will go for enormous bucks on eBay. And if they don't, well, you'll still have one heck of a stack of hilariously funny books!" ?Tony Isabella, Comics Buyer's Guide

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