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Marvel >> Fantastic Four ( Volume 1)  
by Marvel
A bang from a flare is seen from a window, and up in the sky reads announcing "The Fantastic Four!" Susan Storm sees the signal and dissapears from a tea party she is having with a friend. She gets into a taxi, handing the driver the bill while she is invisible. Ben Grimm is trying to find a coat that fits him in a mens clothing store by crashing thought the walls and then hides in the sewer when the cops fire at him in a state of fear. He follows the sewers until he thinks he has reached his destination. Johnny Storm is working on his latest hot rod in a car repair shop with a friend, He takes off in the air when he sees the signal and is pursued by fighter jets that think he is a "UFO". They fire a heat-seeking missile at the him but a long pair of arms grabs the missile and throws it out into the sea. Johnny's savior was non other then Reed Richards, which was the one who shot the flare in the first place. When all four members gathered together, Reed fills them in on a new fearful task that awaits them. but before that they reminisce on their origin.

So how did they become so fantastic? Well the story goes like this: "To beat the Communists into space, scientist Reed Richards, sister and brother Sue and Johnny Storm, and pilot Ben Grimm sneaked off into space in a rocket. In space, the four were bombarded by cosmic rays. The auto-pilot landed the ship back on Earth, where they found themselves physically transformed and possessing remarkable new abilities. Sue could turn invisible. Ben transformed into an orange, muscular "thing."

They decided to use their abilities to become the super team known as the Fantastic Four. They each gave themselves the individual names Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Girl, Human Torch, and the Thing.

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All White Embossed Cover featuring the Human Torch Going nova.
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