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DC >> Invasion ( Volume 1)  
by DC
The Dominators have discovered an individual uniqueness about humans: that they possess the ability to develop meta human abilities and super-human powers. They are not sure if it environmental or situational. They have forged an alliance with the Khund , The Warlords of Okarra, the Daxamites , the Psions , the Gil'Dishpan , the Thanagarians , the Citadel and the Spider Guild to not only cleanse their own races, but elminate the threat that Earth poses.

Among the subjects the Dominators have captured are, Lucas "Snapper" Carr and Adam Strange ; along with the Omega Men . It is believed that the Green Man and Felicity of the Omega Men are lost, their organic ship destroyed.

Strange voluntarily surrendered to the Alliance in hopes of spying from within, then using the Zeta Beam to escape and warn Earth's heroes. Alliance forces were able to prevent this and recapture him.

The Alliance converge on Earth; and, in their first show of might, conquer Australia and capture the Tasmanian Devil . The Dominators use this exhibition to influence the surrender of Earth super-heroes to them. The United Nations agrees to resist the demand.

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